Edgewood's Tiger Talk

November 17, 2017

A Note from the Principal

At Thanksgiving, we celebrate community, gratitude, and sharing. And often (at least for me), it becomes overwhelmed with to-do lists, recipe searching, and thoughts of what I need to do for the holidays. In doing so, I often miss a wonderful opportunity to teach character and values to my children. Here are some things and suggestions I've found worthwhile:

  • Work with your child to identify something nice to do for someone else, and then do it with them. (E.g. making a meal/cookies for an elderly neighbor)
  • Give experiences (like a family trip to a rock-climbing place) in lieu of toys
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen together
  • End each day with sharing something that you are thankful for
  • Make a family meal together

I just read somewhere that children in the US are 3.1% of the world's children, but have 40% of the world's toys. What they'll remember most likely won't be the perfect gift, but the time we spent and things we did together.

Classroom Spotlight--Mrs. Schuett--Writing

Did you know that students begin writing their first essays in elementary school? Critical Thinking is one of the G21 skills that we work to develop in students. It is defined as the ability to Identify patterns/relationships, make generalizations, identify exceptions and evaluate claims; arrive at opinions, conclusions and/or take action. Mrs. Schuett teaches 4th graders to make a claim, and identify 3 reasons to support that claim. You can see students do that work in the pictures above. As they do this work, they're thinking critically; they're identifying relationships, making a claim, and supporting their thinking.

Guidance Update from Mrs. Michlig

This month started my monthly visits to K4. It's nice to get to know our youngest students and help support what they are learning in the classroom. Sharing and taking turns were the friendship skills reinforced through a story and student examples. K5 and 1st grade students have continued to learn the importance of communicating their feelings. Using an I-Message, such as "I feel sad, when you took that book without asking. Please give it back," is a great way to solve little and medium size problems. 2nd graders are developing their conflict resolution skills and learning how important it is to stay calm and "Get the Facts" to prevent and solve problems. 3rd grade students have been learning about empathy. Ask them to tell you what it might look like or sound like if someone is showing empathy. 4th graders have learned about how stress can impact one's life. Students identified "Stressbusters" or ways to cope with stress. Ask them what their "go to" strategies might be. 5th graders are digging deeper into conflict resolution skills. They are learning it takes anger management and good communication skills to prevent and solve conflicts. Students are encouraged to respectfully address problems directly, rather than jump to conclusions and talk about people behind their backs. The same skills learned in 2nd grade are reinforced at a higher level.

Goal Setting Work in Progress!

One way we're working on goal-setting is by setting class goals. Check out one example in the video below!

Art with Mrs. Nolan

You have likely seen your child bring home some beautiful art created in art class. I encourage you to honor this accomplishment by displaying your child's art. Here are a few ideas:

  • Take a picture of it and have it printed on something for a gift. ( Walgreen's photo or online stores)
  • Create a collection of the art that comes home by photographing and making it into a book. (Walgreen's again!)
  • Frame it! Hang it in your home. You will appreciate it for years to come.
  • Display in a prominent place for all to admire even for a short time.
  • Ask your child what the process of making the piece was and what did they learn.
  • Store art in a bin each year and enjoy in later years.

PE with Mr. Warnecke

We just finished our fitness week and all grade levels did an excellent job! Next up is volleyball for all grade levels. 5th grade will continue to focus on their self-assessment in volleyball, while K-2nd focus on team building activities along with motor skills for volleyball. Keep up the good work everyone!

Music with Mrs. McClanahan

During November and December grades 2-5 focus on feeling how the beats in music are grouped or what we call the meter. We had fun with patriotic songs for Veteran's Day and are also enjoying traditional Thanksgiving music. We anticipate great times ahead as we compare and contrast the abundant holiday music on the horizon. K5 and 1st have helped Bear through a scary autumn storm, helped him celebrate Thanksgiving, and will find out what the holidays hold. If you want to know more, make sure you ask them.

Pawsitively Edgewood--Character Education

Did you know that Monday, November 13th was World Kindness Day? We put an extra emphasis on being kind this past week. One thing that Mrs. Adkins and Mrs. Jegier brought back from the National Character Conference in Washington, DC, was the idea to ask, "What did you do for someone else today?" Try it out at home and see what happens!

It's Getting Cold!

It's time for coats, hats, and mittens at recess. Students go outside for 30 minutes of recess unless it is raining or below 0 degrees with windchill. Please make sure they have proper attire. Snow pants are out at local stores--now is the time to stock up!

If you need assistance getting appropriate winter gear, please reach out to Mrs. Boyd or Mrs. Michlig.

Is this game/movie/book appropriate for my kid?

Check out http://www.commonsensemedia.org to get reviews of movies, websites, games, and books for kids. What is in it that makes it PG, for example? Should I be worried about that App/Game they're playing? Check it out to find out!

Pop Tabs

Keep sending in those Pop Tabs! They benefit the Ronald McDonald House of Milwaukee.

Earn money for our EHSA when you shop on Amazon!

Go to https://smile.amazon.com/. Search for the "Edgewood Home and School Association, Inc." A small percentage of every purchase will come to the EHSA. Easy for you, $ for the school!

Upcoming Dates

11/22--No School for Students (Professional Learning)

11/23-24--No School--Thanksgiving Holiday

12/8--Coffee with the Principal: Learn about our work so far with Goal-Setting (which builds self-directed learning skills)

12/9--EHSA Breakfast with Santa, 9am-11am

12/14--1st Trimester Report Cards sent home in Thursday Folders

12/25-1/1--No School--Winter Break

1/18-Winter Concert at the GHS Performing Arts Center, K-2 @ 6:30, 3-5 @ 7:15

1/25--Family Fun Night, 5-7pm. Save the date!

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