News From Mrs. Jose's Room

February 8-12th


Monday a gold letter should have come home with your student informing you about our read-a-thon to help raise money for our school library. We've been able to purchase wonderful things for the school with the money we have raised in the past and we hope to see even more come in this year. As an incentive, I told our class that anyone who participates in the read-a-thon will be given a "free pass" on a reading log of their choice. This means they can skip turning in a reading log one time and still receive full credit.

What Will You Find Us Doing?


Last week we finished learning about fractions. On Monday we began learning the formulas for area and perimeter. We will apply those formulas this week to measuring irregular shapes. On Thursday and Friday students are going to use these math skills to help solve a real world problem! We are going to find the measurements and dimensions to build garden boxes (my hope is that this spring we actually help start a garden here at CRES with our 1st grade buddies). We will also be measuring out how much tile it would take to redo a kitchen floor.


This week students will finish their book club work on social issues. Each group is going to present what they learned about their social issue and share information with the class about their books. Over the next coming weeks we are going to do a lot of reading and responding and we will soon begin reading adventure books!


We are finally publishing our persuasive essays. I've enjoyed reading each student's work. The topics they have chosen have varied greatly and many of them make me laugh. For example here are some of their arguments; the colts need a stronger offensive line, our school should have a Starbucks in it, why I need an Xbox Live, I should have a hedgehog, why hovercrafts are dangerous, students should have a longer recess, etc.

Hopefully I can have these graded by the end of next week so that you can read them at home!

For the remainder of the month we will be focusing on revising our own writing and I am going to place a big emphasis on grammar.


We are beginning a new unit on energy! The next few weeks will be full of fun science experiments where we create conductors and insulators. We will explore various household objects (balloons, salt, light bulbs, batteries, etc) and find ways that they can create and conduct energy.

Upcoming Events and Reminders

  • Friday February 12th student's may bring in a Valentine for each student in our class. No candy or food is allowed.
  • February 15 and 16th No School
  • Friday February 26th our school will be launching 1 Book 1 School. More information to come!
  • We still don't have exact ISTEP dates but we will likely begin testing near the last week of February.
  • Monday March 1st PTO meeting
  • Friday March 11th 3rd Grading Period Ends
  • Friday March 31st from 2-3pm is a tentative date 4th grade has set to invite parents to come and see our travel Indiana projects. This date could change!