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Skylar S.

About Me:

I’m Skylar States I learned to read when I was in kindergarten, when I read I use the process of making like imagines of what’s happening in the book in my head, my purposes I like to read but it depends on the book.

My Goals:

My Goals as a reader are to read outside of my genders and to improve is to read more often than I do

My Interests and Favorites:

My favorite books are criminal and horror books. Anormaly, The Naturals, John Green, Stephenie Meyer

My Latest Blog Entry:

I’m reading: The haunting of a sunshine girl the last thing I read was what waits in the woods. I really like The Haunting Of a Sunshine girl because it has the horror but funniest to it.

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Background information Author's Life

  • R.L.Stine was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1943
  • R.L.Stine was a shy and fearful child but had a cleaver imagination
  • When he was nine he stared to write short stories and humor magazines
  • After college he moved to New York in hopes to become a writer
  • Stine also wrote for Nickelodeon's television show Eureeka's Castle

Themes/Messages/Purpose/ Lessons

  • To scare kids 7-12 of age that has never been done before (his ediotors really wanted)
  • Sometimes life can be scary
  • Overcoming prombles
  • To never give up and never give in


  • "Well, my publisher said let’s try a scary book series for 7 – 12 year olds because it had never been done before. And I actually didn’t want to do it because I didn’t want to mess up Fear Street. And I sort of fought it but they kept insisting. And finally I said, “Alright, if I can think of a good name for it, we’ll try a couple.” And then I came up with the Goosebumps title which I thought was good because it was scary and funny."
  • "The scares are pretty much the same, I think. The Haunting Hour might be a little bit darker. But I think the scares are about the same. You know, when you do scary stuff, the fears are about the same for every age group. Adults are pretty much scared of the same stuff kids are."
  • " In my original version, the girl is hiding behind a stack of books and she sees the librarian eat a kid. And she realizes the librarian is a monster. And everyone said, “That’s going too far.” That’s really the only time I can think of. And we changed it because everyone said, “That’s just terrible.” So we gave the librarian a bowl of live turtles on his desk. And every once in a while he would reach over and pluck a turtle out of the bowl and eat it, which is actually better because they’re crunchier than a kid, right? So that was the one time I think I went too far."

Influences on Authors life

  • His mother gave him his first serious of fright by reading pinocchio the original pinocchio
  • At Ohio state universty he edited the schools humor magazine, The Sundial, for several years
  • After losing his job at Scholastic during a company reorganization he started writing full-time

Trivia-Interesting facts

  • He launched his first horror book series for young adults, Fear Streets, in 1989
  • Frear Street grew to include roughly 100 novels, that sold more than 80million copies
  • Goosebumps became best sellers in the United States and abroad and were translated in 16 differant languages
  • In 19890 came to close, Goosebumps fever began to fade
  • In 2000, Nightmare Room, whith each title fearturing an online componet


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