Hispanic Culture

Dear Reader

The reason I chose this culture is because I'm interested to learn about it and I agreed to study it. I don't mind studying any culture because I'm interested to learn about most cultures and traditions. I like to learn how other people look at things. -S
This author of the poem gives a viewpoint on most Hispanics. He explains that most Hispanics are proud to be Hispanic no matter what is reflected on it by others. I like the Poe, because it explains most of it perfectly. I am Hispanic myself and I would think most if the things said are accurate. -G
The perception of this culture is not like others. We stand for something different and we aren't given much credit for that. Most people outside of the Hispanic culture would look down on us as less classy and more of a poor lifestyle. But Hispanics are intelligent in ways than others. Their culture is uniquely different. -G

Analysis 1

I'm interested about tradition, food and clothing. One tradition I'm interested in is the day of the dead because I think it's nice to remember someone you love. I think it's very festive and to decorate altars and wear colorful costumes. Even though it talks about the death of people, it's mainly about the the past life of the people. I'm interested about the food because I like to try new things. -S
The author described the culture into different sections. But this poem mainly focuses on the sterotypival traits we are known for. Food is one that they used in this poem.

"We're known for our tortillas

Our beans and our rice
A few jalapenos'"

This is the typical Latino food we are known for. The next evidence would be our jobs.

"We work out in the hot sun

To earn our daily bread
But that's alright
We keep our family fed"

This is what most Hispanics/Latinos are known for. -G