Remember The Titans

The Story Plot By: Hasan 7H


Bill Yoast, Herman Boone, Gerry Bertier, Julius Cambell


Up until 1971, in Alexandria, Virginia there was no race mixing. Then came the day where the school board had forced the city to integrate the black school with the white school and called it T.C. Williams High School. Herman Boone was the head coach of a high school in North Carolina and had been assigned to be the new assistant coach for T.C. Williams High School. Although Bill Yoast, head coach of Hammond High School, was supposed to be the head coach of T.C. Williams High School, the school board had decided that Herman Boone would take that job and made him the new head coach. Coach Yoast had then planned to leave the city and be the new head coach at Loudon High School, along with that he had announced this decision of his to the the players and their parents. Before his announcement, Coach Boone had told him that he could be the assistant coach and stay to help with being a defensive coordinator etc. He re-thought his decision and was the assistant coach for T.C. Williams High School. Then came the time for the first team meeting. Coach Boone had to prepare them before the season had started, so to train them for the season, the staff and the players went to camp at Gettysburg College.


The players ever since hearing about the schools integrating were upset about losing their positions and both the black and white players hated each other. At camp they practised hard, Coach Boone was really rough on the players at camp, he really made them work hard and demanded perfection. One thing that was lacking in getting a perfect team was for the players to accept each other. The players hated on each other because of their color, not all of them though, but Coach Boone wanted all of them to accept each other no matter what color they are. So he asked the players to spend time with another player from a different race and to learn about them. The team eventually started doing this and the relationship between players changed drastically. They continued this relationship after camp was done and brought it into the school as well. When the players' old friends saw how their perspective was of a different race, they were surprised because they never experienced anything like this. The players started off their season to two wins in their first two games. The students at T.C. Williams were being racist and the players didn't like it and told them to stop this and change there perspectives on each other. They really wanted to win against Groveton in their third match because they were an excellent team and the players motivated their students by asking them for support. The Titans had won the game against Groveton but their quarterback, Jerry Harris had been injured and couldn't throw for the rest of the season. Their other quarterback, Ronnie Bass, had played an excellent game and was the key to the victory of the Titans in that game. The next game the Titans had was the regional's game. In that game racism played a big part because if Coach Yoast was the head coach during that game, he would've won himself the Hall Of Fame. But since coach was the head coach, the referees didn't listen to him, and Coach Yoast lost his chance to win the Hall Of Fame. Regardless of that, the Titan were strong which led them to victory. The whole entire city was celebrating. The players were going through the city being recognised by their performance and their win at the regional's.


The next match the Titans played was the state championship and before that match the city was alive cheering for the Titans all over the place. Suddenly, while the linebacker, Gerry Bertier, was driving through the city, he wasn't looking forward and had an absolutely horrible accident, so bad that he was paralysed from the waist down. He couldn't play for the state championship. This left the city and the Titans in shock.


It was time for the state championship game and the Titans were set to play. It was definitely a tough game because the Titans' defensive side wasn't doing to well since their linebacker, Gerry Bertier, wasn't playing. This caused the Titans a tough time and in the first half the Titans trailed 0-7. They knew that the second half was their time to shine and so they scored a field goal making it 3-7. With seconds before the game ended, the Titans had one more play to make and for that they needed their previous quarterback, Jerry Harris. With only a few seconds left, Jerry had made the run of his lifetime making a touch down and leading the Titans to victory by winning 10-3. The city was so happy. Coach Boone demanded perfection and the Titans had a perfect season 13-0.