The Postwar Boom

Tv Advertisements

In the 1950’s economics such as advertising expenditures on tv cost $170 million dollars in 1950 and reached nearly 2 billion in 1960 in America. Advertising expenditures caused advertising companies to change the way they advertised and gave them a new media to get customers. They put advertisements on tv because of the tv industry increasing and selling more and more tv’s every day. The advertisement companies made money to provide people to put their own advertisements on tv. This was significant because it changed the way companies advertise and still today is one of the main sources of advertisement.

Income Gap

In the 1950’s economics such as the Income gap between black males and white males went up 32% from 1940-2000 in the U.S. This caused many racial issues and helped start civil rights movements which gave minorities more rights across the U.S. The reason this was significant is because it created race oriented labor laws and gave minorities more equality. This was important to all minorities especially African Americans because it created a more equal grounds for income and gave them hope for a better future.
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