Lenox Elementary

Family Newsletter--June 9 2021

Greetings Families,

As you have all heard by now, I will be leaving at the end of this school year. I have been selected to be the principal at Butternut Creek Elementary starting July 1. I will miss the amazing community that is Lenox. You have made the past five years some of the best of my 21 years in education. I will miss seeing our Lenox Pioneers grow and excel, but know that I will hold you forever in my heart and memories. I wish you all the best as you move forward and know that you will be in great hands with your new principal, Mrs. Sarah Keller and the outstanding staff at Lenox.

I also want to take a moment to recognize the amazing staff who will also be moving on to other places next year:

  • Mrs. Stephanie Timmons, Kinder teacher has been selected to be a teacher at the new HSD school, Atfalati Ridge Elementary
  • Mrs. Jessica Mendonca, EL Specialist will be moving to Washington with her family
  • Mrs. Anne Knewtson, Special Ed Asst. has been transferred to Patterson Elementary
  • Miss Haley Green, Special Ed Asst. has been transferred to Mooberry Elementary
  • Mr. Juan Martinez, Education Asst. will be running his small business in audio production and engineering full time

Best of luck to them on their next adventures! They will be deeply missed.

I would like to officially welcome Mr. Matt Ledbetter, classroom teacher to the Lenox staff for next year. He student taught this year with Mrs. Erin VanDyke in 3rd grade and then took the long term 2nd grade substitute position for Ms. Amber Young this spring. We are excited to have him join our team!

Warmest Regards,

Mrs. Gina McLain


Important Dates to Remember

  • Tues., June 15th--Booster Club Dining Night Out at Juice It Up!, 3:00-7:00pm located on Evergreen Ave. Please note that you must bring this flyer or show an electronic version to the cashier when coming to place your order. When you do so, Lenox will receive a generous 25% of your purchase AND you will be supporting a local great local company who has given back to Lenox over the past several years!
  • Thurs., June 17th--Last day of school for students! The school day will be 7:45-12:00.
  • Thurs., June 17th--6th grade Drive-thru Promotion Ceremony, 8:30-11:30am. The main parking lot will be used for this event. 6th grade families, please refer to information sent out by the 6th grade teachers.

View the HSD 2020-21 Calendar HERE


Last Day of School Car Pick-up/Parking Lot Info

  • Due to the 6th grade Drive-thru Promotion Ceremony, we ask that you do not enter the parking lot until 11:40 to get in line to pick up your student. We need time to wrap up the promotion and clean up. Thank you!
  • If you need to come to the school for any reason during the last school day (pick up something, drop off something, etc.), please use the bus lot between 8:00-11:30.

Chromebook Return Information
  • 6th graders need to return their Chromebooks at their drive-thru promotion event on Thursday, June 17th. There will be a spot set out along the route for you to turn in your Chromebook and charger.
  • Students who are moving out of the Hillsboro School District need to return their Chromebook and charger to the school by 3:00pm on June 18th. We will have a table outside the main doors on Thursday the 17th and Friday the 18th. If that is not doable, please contact the office to schedule a time to drop it off.
  • Students in K-5th grades may keep their Chromebooks over the summer. If you do not want it over the summer and would like to return it, you may follow the instructions above.

Freckle Math

  • Students will be able to access Freckle Math with their HSD account through the summer. There may be some disruption in mid-August as our tech department will be rostering students for the 2021-22 school year.

Are You Moving?

  • If you have recently moved or are moving over the summer, please notify our office as soon as possible at 503-844-1360 or zmolekj@hsd.k12.or.us
  • Knowing who has moved/is moving allows us to send mail (report cards and important communications) to the correct address over the summer and plan for the fall. Thank you!

Food Resources

  • If you are in need of food resources over the summer, please click HERE for more information.

Health Management Plan

  • If your child has a documented Health Management Plan (HMP) at school, please read this letter from our district nurse team.

Lenox Booster Club

ANNOUCEMENT - Special Booster Meeting on Monday, June 14th at 7:00pm. Lenox Booster Club will be holding a Special Virtual Meeting on Google Meet to vote in new candidates for the remaining open positions for the 2021-2022 Lenox Booster Club Board! Click here to take part in the vote! We will be voting Natalie Hill for TREASURER and Victoria Gallagher for SECRETARY. Thank you to our candidates for generously stepping up to offer their help for the community! We love our volunteers!

Opportunities Available with Lenox Booster Club!

Are you someone who is interested in getting more involved with your child’s school? Do you have skills you would like to share? Interested in want to meet new people and make connections? Have an activity or event you would like to bring to the community? Want to help make decisions and give input in the future? Consider becoming involved with Lenox Booster Club! We have several open opportunities to fit around your strengths and passions (big and small) from helping kids to find some great books to read at our Book Fair events, being on the Yearbook Committee, building games for Carnival, putting together a music-list for the annual Jog-a-thon, bringing in a fun experiment for families to try at STEAM Night, etc… we want people like YOU to help us make sure there always something fun to learn or play, a chance to make connections, and skills for everyone to grow at Lenox! Contact us today on ways you can help and visit our website for more info at http://www.lenoxboosterclub.com !