Freelance Cinematographer

Filmless LLC

Job Description

Filmless is a fast growing company, and therefore will require workers who can step up and wear as many hats needed to achieve the highest level of success possible. A freelance cinematographer will film custom videos for companies of various sizes. This position requires fundamentals of filming, including following a shot list, improvising when better shots are available, and collaborating with other videographers. A firm understanding of shot composition, using creative angles, and lighting shots, is also essential to this job.

Financial Details

Freelance Cinematographer

Annual Salary: $52, 470

Hourly Wage: $25.23

Annual Expenses for 1 Adult:





Taxes: $3,411

Average annual expenses

(San Francisco, California): $28,642


I would be able to survive in San Francisco, CA as a Freelance Cinematographer. According to my research on annual expenses, I would spend at least $28,642 in one year. My annual salary as a freelance cinematographer is $52,470, which is more than $28,642.

Places of interest