Black history

by jenna pritchard

Dr.Benjamin Carson

Ben was born in Detroit. Michigan his mom re-married when she was 13.Ben was only 8 when his parents divorced. After graduating with honors from high school he attended collage Yale university were he earned a degree in pshohlogy. His surgeries to separate conjoined twins has made headlines. In 2003 Carson faced his biggest challenge separating two adult conjoined twins. Carson has written several books that recount his life story.

Amasing people

Walter Mcfee

Mcfee was an African-American scientist and astronomer. He was born September 2nd 1914, he died February 1995 at lake Como. He studied at 3 different collages Ohio state, Cornell university, and Wiley collage. During world war two Walter was a member of the us army he was proud of everyone's service including his own. For forty two years he worked for the government. He was very interested in atomic and nuclear physic and solid state electronics.