Google Chrome for Student Accounts

Getting Started

Why Have Your Students Use Their Google Accounts?


  • I can explain the benefits of my students using their Google accounts.

Reflection - after video(s)

  1. Make a list of how your students currently connect/collaborate while using technology in their learning.
  2. Think about a current or future unit/standard/project. List a few ideas of how you would like to try to use Google accounts to allow students to collaborate with one another while learning. Also, list ways in which you see yourself communicating and collaborating with your students.

What is Google CHROME?

  • I can explain what it means to use Chrome.
  • I can explain the benefits of using Chrome as a browser.

Try It - after the video(s):

  1. Go to your desktop.
  2. Open Chrome.
  3. Sign in with your username and password.
  4. Go to a few of your favorite websites and bookmark them.
  5. Later today, open Chrome from a different computer. Sign in and watch your bookmarks magically appear!

Reflect - after the video(s)

  • If I use Chrome as my browser, how might I benefit? What are the advantages? What would be better about using Chrome than what I currently use?
  • If my students use Chrome as their browser, how would they benefit?

What is Google Chrome OS?
Intro to Google Chrome

How Do I Get My Students Started?

Goals: I understand how to help my students...
  • Log in
  • Set up and organize their bookmarks bar

Try It - after the video(s)

  1. Log in with your teacher Google account information (i.e. - followed by your usual password).
  2. Take some time to explore the bookmarks bar and add sites that you use often.
  3. Edit and organize your bookmarks bar.
  4. Wait until later in the day and login on a different computer, sign into Chrome, and watch your bookmarks magically appear. Hint: When logging in on a particular computer for the first time, you may need to go to the hamburger patty and select, "Bookmarks" - "Import bookmarks and settings."

Bookmarking in Chrome