By: Payton Brooks

How does it operate??

The microwave helps turn cold pieces of food in warm pieces of food. For example, if you take a cold piece of bacon and put in the microwave it will heat up and be nice and warm. The microwave operates by putting in a cold piece of food and putting a certain amount of seconds up and letting the radiation heat the food up.
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Who invented this? How was it was innovated???

Percy Spencer was the man who invented this and it was first sold in 1946. The first name he called it was the radarange. His invention was in accident! It was originally for World War 2 and was a transmitter. One day he saw is candy bar melting and decided to innovate it into a food heating machine!!!
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Postive and Negative impacts of the Microwave

The Microwave is classified as production technology. The microwave cooks things really fast with no harm. Children can cook their own food without having to wait for their parents. Some negative things happen when you when you use the microwave too. You can cook your food too much and it will be burnt.


Science: uses electricity to cook food

Technology: cooks it without it being hand made

Engineering: designed to cook food to the right temperature

Math: how much time it takes for it to be just the right food temperature

If I could change this product

If I could change this product I would make it where you could make things cold too, like turning hot food to cold food. I also would like it to be able to go places with you.