Tangerine Tuesdays

Whats been happening around Lake Windsor

Update on Tangerine Tuesday

-Paul and his mom find out about the muck fires behind the house.

-Erik and his dad went to colleges that he could get football scholarships.

-Paul started practicing with Joey.

-Joey and Paul made it on to the soccer team.

-Paul blocked Gino's shot and was really good at goalie.

-Paul gets made fun of because of his glasses.

-Joey and Paul start to practice together for soccer.

-Erik and Arthur got out of the car and told his mom that mike had died.

-Mike Costello died at practice.

-Joey was trying to take his shoes off and was freaking out.

Erik V.S. Paul Fisher's life

Paul Fisher is a small, 4 eyed, soccer goalie who is living in the shadows of his older, stronger football star brother, Erik. Erik is a daddy's boy who is trying to live up the the potential his dad wants him to be at, He is an amazing football player with hopes of going to he best college he can with a non-existent football scholarship (at least not yet). Paul seems almost jealous of his more successful brother, but seems to be hiding it very well. Paul and Erik Fisher couldn't be more different, but they are still brothers.

Tragedy strikes

Mike Costello is dead. One day at football practice he was leaning on the pole and lightning hit it and he went flying in the air. As soon as he hit the ground everyone raced over and tried to give him CPR , but it was to late. He had died in the air. Before this happened they were talking about the lighting striking in random places and how dangerous it was. Mike didn't seem to worried, but he didn't know his horrible fate.

MOYA Close-Up

In the story "Tangerine" Erik doesn't seem to worried about school, all he cares about is football. Football, football, football, all day everyday. In the story it doesn't say how good is doing in school, Paul either. But as you can tell he is pretty focused on football. Fro what i can gather Paul seems do to fairly well in school, but no one talks about Erik he doesn't stress about anything even football. Paul seems to care a lot about school, soccer, and friends, they couldn't be any more different.


We are looking for new talented students to join our soccer team! Must bring water, soccer gear, and your own ball. To try out you must have a physical form filled out with a doctors signature. Start running laps and kicking goals, because our conditioning at the end of our practices are intense so be ready! Please come Monday at 6 in the P.E. field any late comers will be escorted out, so be early! Hope to see you there!