Bonnie Clutter

Dillon, Kailen, Pryzm, Triston


Bonnie was a mother of four kids and spouse to Herb Clutter. Bonnie was 45 years old when she got murdered by Richard Hickock and Perry Smith. Bonnie suffered from postpartum depression, but at the time, doctors did not diagnose her with it.

Her Family (that died with her)

Growing up

Bonnie Mae Fox was the daughter of Arthur B. and Mae Fox. She was born on January 7, 1914 in Rozel, Kansas. She grew up on a farm and attended the St. Rose School of Nursing Great Bend. She married Herb Clutter on December 2, 1934 and moved to Garden City. She went to Wichita for two weeks of treatment and remained two months. Bonny left because she felt like she took an unchristian liking to the theraputic treatment there, which enabled her to live independently.