Parent Academy

Spring Session: Tuesday, May 12, 2015

An Evening of Training for Parents of Children with Special Needs

Presented by the staff of the North Brunswick Township ABA program, we are pleased to offer the Spring session of our Parent Academy. Our goal is to provide parents with tools needed for generalization at home to manage challenging behaviors at home and in the community, daily living and communication skills.

Based on your feedback, new additions for the Spring session include: Presenters from the middle and high school ABA programs, workshops to address core deficits related to Autism, strategies for community integration and resources.

Below please find a summary of the evening sessions, as well as a link to register for your sessions and child care.

Presenters Include:

Raina Schankel and Elizabeth Dicker-Full Day ABA Pre School Teachers

Meghan Kane, Kady Zimmermann, Alyson Tracey and Ben Esser- Cross Grade ABA Program Teachers

Catherine Havens-Behavior Analyst

Alyssa Molfese, Kelly Britting, and Bev Stott-Speech and Language Pathologists

Tania Herzog - Supervisor of Elementary Special Education

Amy Dick - School Psychologist

Kirsten Gartner, Kristine Noonan, and Dana Silva - Middle and High School ABA Staff

Francine Ruzich - Occupational Therapist

Recommended Sessions


Please Use the Link Below to Register for Your Training Sessions and Child Care