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What's Happening in the Hood?! Vol. 1, No. 3, December 2018

Happy Holidays Parksiders!

Welcome to the Parkside Post! This newsletter has been created by the Parkside HOA Board in an effort to enhance communication in the neighborhood. It contains lots of important information like meeting dates/times, event information, and also answers to frequently asked questions! We hope it is helpful and you enjoy it!


The Next HOA Board Meeting is...

in January. We will announce a date after the December holidays! If you have questions, comments, or concerns that need to be addressed before then, please email our community manager at

Let's Talk About the Cave Lots

Many of you have asked about the many large lots set aside in our neighborhood as natural areas, sometimes referred to as Cave or Sinkhole Lots. These lots are actually part of a preserved watershed area that is the water supply source for San Antonio area, know as the Edwards Aquifer. The Edwards Aquifer is one of the most prolific artesian aquifers in the world, and is basically a 160 mile long underground river! Additionally, it is home to several unique and endangered species. Because it is a karst aquifer, fractures, caves, sinking streams, and sinkholes act as conduits to the aquifer from the surface. This means that any surface pollution or disturbance will directly impact the water quality of the aquifer, possibly impairing drinking water and affecting the sensitive ecosystem. Because of the value and sensitivity of this aquifer and its recharge zones (which our cave lots are part of), it is highly regulated. This regulation is handled by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), a powerful state agency that reports directly to the governor, and is responsible for water quality. Also, the US Fish & Wildlife Service oversees the endangered species that are in some of these caves. In addition, dangerous creatures, including bats, rattlesnakes and skunks make their homes in these caves and lots. As such, the HOA is unable to authorize any use of these lots, and requests that residents do not play in them or use them for any purpose. Any misuse is subject to severe penalties by TCEQ and USFWS, including fines and criminal prosecution. So appreciate their beauty and function, but please respect their sensitivity.

What is Winter Averaging and Why Should I Care?

Winter Averaging happens December through February and determines a cap on the volume of water and wastewater you will be billed for each month for the next year. The average from the district will be utilized by the City of Georgetown to determine costs for the rest of the year. The MUD closely monitors these numbers in order to ensure that the total winter averaging for the district is not over last year's. If the averages are significantly over last year it can result in a rate increase. During the winter months ensure you turn off non-essential irrigation systems, etc. to keep the usage in line with previous years.

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Did You Know???

The 411 About Pets in Parkside

Parkside is home not just to us, but to our pets as well. We have a large community of pet lovers! However, sometimes that can present a few challenges. Here are some quick answers to pet questions:

Q. Can I have chickens?

A. No. No animals, including pigs, hogs, swine, poultry, fowl, wild animals, horses, cattle, sheep, goats, or any other type of animal not considered to be a domestic household pet within the ordinary meaning and interpretation of such words may be kept, maintained, or care for on or within the Development Area.

Q. My neighbor leaves their dogs outside 24/7 and they bark constantly. Can the HOA do anything?

A. Yes. You can report your neighbor (this can be done anonymously) to Spectrum and a courtesy reminder will be sent reminding your neighbor that "no animal will be allowed to make an unreasonable amount of noise, or to become a nuisance..."

Don't Forget...

  • You can rent the Amenity Center for private parties. The Board has recently adopted a new flat $15 hourly rate with no minimum number of hours. If you'd like to book the Amenity Center, simply go to to reserve your event or click on the button toward the bottom of this newsletter.
  • Ander Mitchell, our community manager holds office hours right here in Parkside for your convenience! He is typically at the Amenity Center at 325 Parkside Parkway on Mondays, Tuesday afternoons, and Fridays. Appointments are preferred and you can set that up by emailing him at


My spouse is the only one who gets email from Spectrum. Why don't I?

Most likely, it was your spouse who set up your account with Spectrum. You can email Ander Mitchell ( and he can add an additional email address to your account.

How do I set up an account with Spectrum, our new management company?

Setting up an online account with Spectrum is necessary in order to receive official HOA communication. Click here to get started! If you run into any issues setting up your account OR have set up your account and still aren't receiving emails from Spectrum, please send an email to
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