SINNsational 1st Graders

Welcome to Room 4


  • March 9 - Daylight Savings (don't forget to "spring" ahead one hour)
  • March 14 - Lunch will be in our classroom due to the set-up needs of our school Musical. Please be advised, in an effort to be mindful of peanut free/safe calssrooms, peanut butter & jelly and jelly uncrustables will be taken off the lunch menu for this day. As with snack in our classroom, please send in safe foods for lunch on this day.


This week we read several non-fiction stories and focused on the following skills:
  • What text features are in a non-fiction book (heading, table of contents, glossary, index, captions, labels, key words) and identifying them
  • Using non-fiction stories to answer specific questions
  • Discovering what the "main idea" of a non-fiction book is


This week we spent time learning about:
  1. Writing a How-To story. We practiced writing about "how-to" make a sandwich and even watched a short video about how the Cookie Monster made his sandwich (and the problems with it).
  2. Reading several stories about a leprechaun and we made a class web about what we knew about leprechauns. Next week, we will each write about "how-to" catch a leprechaun. Please feel free to talk about some ideas at home:-).

Word of the Week: frigid


This week we focused on the following skills:
  • Reviewing what we’ve learned in first grade so far (money, time, tallies, counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, & 10s, facts)

Next week, we'll be taking several additional portfolio assessments that will include problem solving and basic fact power.

Apple of Our Eye

We loved learning about our very own Sam! It was so exciting to hear his mom read to us this week.