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Actually started with material from an SAP internal two day class room training. We adjusted the format a little and added even more content to it. The result is a fairly deep and comprehensive look at the development activities involved in building SAP HANA Native Applications. Rs trainings providing sap hana online training in Hyderabad.

Enterprise application software powerhouse SAP is beside itself with glee that its HANA in-memory database is driving more business than expected, and server makers like Dell, which are building appliances that meet the very strict – and unmalleable – configurations prescribed to run HANA, are hoping that this turns into a moneymaker for their systems, storage, and switching units.

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To that end, Dell on Monday widened its HANA appliance lineup and got one of the first SAP certification to run Business Suite, the core ERP software stack from the German software company, atop HANA on the Dell Power Edge R910 server.

Being out in front is important because SAP has limited the configurations for HANA appliances to four-socket or eight-socket nodes using "West mere-EX" Xeon E7 processors running at 2.4GHz. Rather than let server makers make choices for hardware, SAP decided that to be certified to run HANA, server makers have to use identical configurations in server nodes, making it less about the iron and more about the skill with creating and supporting HANA and giving customers an absolutely consistent performance experience.

For small SAP HANA installations, Dell has a two-socket Xeon E7 appliance based on its PowerEdge R910 server with 128GB of memory, a 785GB Fusion-IO PCI-Express flash card, and 1TB of disk storage; the memory can be doubled on this and an extra processor thrown in to handle slightly larger workloads. The base HANA appliance has four Xeon E7 processors, 512GB of memory, the Fusion-IO flash card, and 2TB of disk in the box.

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These machines have been shipping for a year. In January of this year, Dell announced so-called "scale-out" HANA configurations that put multiple nodes together to scale up the HANA database, based on the same four-socket R910 server. In this case, the server nodes have a 10Gb/sec Ethernet links between server nodes for clustering, and 8Gb/sec Fibre Channel adapters linking out to Compellent SC8K storage arrays where cold data is stored.

Dell offered clusters with two, four, or eight nodes together for scale-out HANA setups; each SC8K has 48 disks with 28.8TB of storage and 13 SSD drives with 2.6TB, which meets SAP's HANA appliance guidelines.

As part of at Sapphire, SAP's annual user and partner shindig, Dell got more granular with the scale-out HANA appliances, offering configurations from 1TB to 8TB of capacity with from two to sixteen nodes plus at least one backup node, which is fourteen different configurations. The top-end setup now has sixteen R910 nodes with either one or two backup nodes and four Compellent SC8K arrays.

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