Creekside Elementary School

Superhero Edition

Quote of the Week

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Weekly Game Plan

Marvelous Mon. May 2nd : First Grade Field Trip/Mclass Testing Window for 3rd Grade Only (May 2-May 20)/K-5 Planning during specials time(normal)

Terrific Tues. May 3rd: K-5 Planning during specials time(normal)Winslow Wedding Shower @4pm in the Media Center

Wonderful Wed. May 4th: 7:30 am Faculty Meeting /K-5 Planning during specials time(normal)/K-2 PLCs

Thankful Thurs. May 5th: Kindergarten Marbles Museum Field trip/3-5 PLCs/Mclass PM Red

Fabulous Fri. May 6th: Final Checkout in the Media Center/7:45 am Scheduling Committee Meeting

Superhero Celebration


Thank you for helping us grow

Pick a flower, draw a flower or buy a flower/plant for your teacher/Cheering for teachers as they come in and yogurt parfait bar for breakfast


Stock the teacher lounge!

Bring in store bought prepackaged snacks (granola bars, trail mix, chips, crackers, etc) canned/bottled drinks/ water. Send items to the classroom. Lunch provided from Nana Taco


Write a thank you card!

Thank you for teaching me to…” or “You’re extra special because…”/Breakfast provided during our staff meeting/Fruit baskets in lounge.


Donate classroom supplies/Popcorn Bar in lounge


Show your appreciation by giving a hug, high-five or fist pump. A gift is also welcomed/Kona Ice Truck/ End of the Week SurpriseJ


To all our Superheroes thank you for all that you do each day!!:) We appreciate you and honor you not just this week but every single day!

Tya Tyrrell and the Science Olympiad Team!!! We received 2nd place!!! Awesome job TEAM:)


~During centers please make sure if students are using technology it is research based and gives you data. For ELA Centers (technology centers) please use LEXIA or Raz-kids.

~Check out the website so you can tell me what you think.

~Lets ensure we are using appropriate tones with students at all times.

~Morning Work: Please make sure students have morning work when they enter and know routines. Students can use Lexia,EOG aligned materials,Math Major Work, EOG Released Items, Math Madness and standards based materials. Students should know routines and morning work should take place Monday-Friday.

~Please make sure we are reviewing SOAR expectations with students. Students will follow the procedures we enforce and expect.

~We also want to make sure we continue to send our baggie books home each night according to the students reading level. Please send questions along with the baggie books that will align directly with the type of questions they will receive during Mclass assessments. Mary sent some out this year but please let us know if you need them again.

~Please ensure we are sending home weekly newsletters and updating our websites for parent communication.

~Students should not eat outside or in the hallways. We are finding lots of trash in our common areas. Please also lets keep our classrooms and hallways very clean and organized for student learning.

~Please remember the workday ends at 4:00 pm.

~Please do not leave any recess equipment, clothes or trash on the playground. Our community worked really hard to clean and beautify on Saturday.

~Please make sure you subscribe to the weekly Focus newsletter. If you do not subscribe you will not be able to receive weekly messages.