Weapons and Tatics of WWI

Modernization of warfare.

Trench Warfare

The first major trench lines were completed in late November 1914. At their peak, the trenches built by both sides extended nearly 400 miles from Nieuport, on the Belgian coast, to the Swiss border. Among the Allies, the Belgians occupied 40 miles, the British occupied 90 miles and the French occupied the rest. Experts calculate that along the western front, the Allies and Central Powers dug nearly 6,2500 miles of trenches by the end of 1914


A U-boat is a type of submarine invented by the Germans for use in World War I and II. The initial "U" in U-boat stands for "unterseeboot", or undersea boat in English. Holland housed a "Submarine Development Bureau" in 1922 that was made to look like a regular shipbuilding company. The German U-boat designers had to secretly store special parts when they worked on improving their U-boats. This was another part of modernization of warfare.

Convoy System.

What is it? Well..It was a way to protect large numbers of arms and soldiers during transport. Britain devised a new system of doing the convoy after more than three years of the war. The new convoy system will have ten to fifty merchant ships together with a troopship with arms and soldiers will be escorted by a cruiser, by six destroyers, by eleven armed trawlers and a pair of torpedo boats that detect German submarine underwater.