Thursday's Thoughts

September 3, 2015

As we near the end of three weeks with our students, I am thankful for many things. We are a blessed school in that we have teachers who truly care about students, we have custodians who take pride in what they do each day, we have a guidance counselor who works tirelessly to meet the needs of all 625 of our students, we have teacher's assistants who stay late each day to get ready for the next day, we have an office staff who loves our students and keeps everything running smoothly, we have a cafeteria staff who feeds us all well, and we have students who at their core just want us to love them each day. Above all else, we have each other to get through tough situations, tough students, tough parents, and tough days. I am thankful I get to do each day with you. Together- we can move mountains!

MAP Testing

We will begin MAP testing the week of September 14th. Every student in grades 1-5 will take MAP. You will use this data to support your SLO. Donna will begin preparing your students for testing. Please remind students that they will not know every answer to every question, and they will begin with the ELA portion. Also, please have students bring books with them to the lab to read when they complete testing. The schedule for computer lab will be altered for the weeks of the 14th and 21st. We may need the week of the 28th for make-ups, but will let you know for sure as this week approaches. We will place goal setting sheets in your boxes in the next few days as well. The schedule for testing is below, but please let me know if you see any conflicts. Also, keep in mind that the second lab will be open if you would like to stay with your classes for additional computer time. As you look at the schedule below, please come to the lab for testing on your regular computer lab day.

8:15-9:15: Fourth Grade

9:20-10:20: Third Grade

10:25-11:25: Fifth Grade

11:55-12:40: Kindergarten

12:45-1:30: First Grade

1:35-2:20: Second Grade


We will begin working together to write SLO's next week. We will not have a faculty meeting on Tuesday, but will use Tuesday afternoon to begin meeting with groups to write SLO's. We have grouped you by subject area.

Tuesday: All 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teachers as well as Jane Addison, Stephanie Brown, Patty Cannon, and Beth Moore- please meet in the library at 3:15.

Friday, September 11th: K5 during planning.

Upcoming Dates:

Sept. 8th: Washington Meeting 9:05 & 5:30

Sept. 9th: Grandparent's Breakfast K-2 at 7:20, Charleston Parent Meeting 9:30 & 5:30, Goal Post Begins.

Sept. 10th: Grandparent's Breakfast 3-5 at 7:20, Spanish Class at 3:15.

Sept. 14th: Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts meeting at 2:00 in the cafeteria.

Sept. 15th: Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts parent meeting at 6:00.

Goal Post

The following students will be attending Goal Post:

3rd grade: David Charping, Maria Delgado, Sydney Geyer, Maria Lopez, Jayla Majano, Kaitlyn Renew, Ketori Sullivan, Samuel Moreno, Molly Matheny, Ashlyn Rhoden

4th grade: Holly Brown, Lori Brown, Nicholas Jijon, Mely Martinez, Angela Moreno, Milton Munoz, Jake Stargel, Faith Tatek, Ayden Luker

5th grade: Jan Carlos Berra, Lizzy Lolllis, Elissa Luker, James Renew, Jase Holcombe, Alexis Kelley, Cheyanne Miller

We have more spots available for our most needy students who will truly benefit from Goal Post. We have been selective in those that we allow into GoalPost so that we can serve those students. Please send Donna any names of students who you think should be added into this program.

Duty Free Lunch

Please enjoy lunch with your teams tomorrow. We will take care of your students in the cafeteria!

I really appreciate the time you are spending with your students at lunch. This time has proved beneficial for many of you as students have opened up to you. I hope you are enjoying the music! :-)

Happy Friday!


If you come to work on the weekends, please be sure that no one is in the building before setting the alarm. Thanks!