Alice in the Country of Hearts

Book one and Two

Author: Quin Rose

Illustrator: Quin Rose
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Lead Characters:

Alice, Ace the Knight, Boris the Cheshire Cat, Blood Dupree the Mafia Boss, Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum, Marry-Go-Land, Elliot, Peter White, Julius the Clockmaker and the Queen of Hearts

Story Line

It's like the typical Alice and Wonderland story but with a little twist. Alice follows a white rabbit named Peter White, she gets "kidnapped" by the rabbit and forces her to play a "game" where she has to find everyone in the realm that is the Country of Hearts. She has to continue to play the "game" until she "wins"

The one thing that confuses her is that the whole country seems to be falling in love with her. And each person who has a "face" has a specific "job" they have to fulfill. the ones with that have no face are just pawn to the Queen of Hearts.

Your Opinion

I really like this book, because it is fantasy and it goes beyond the limits of thinking. I really like the series itself.

Favorite part

My favorite part was when Alice couldnt resist tugging the soft ears of Elliots, because he was a rabbit. And he was all like "Alice do you hate me or something?" and she cuddled him and it was just sooo cute!

Do I like the characters?

Yes i love the characters, my favorite is Boris Airay, the Cheshire cat

Boris Airay

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I would recommend this book to anyone who likes romance and the Alice and Wonderland, but there is a kissing scene or to so you have to be mature enough to read that sort of thing.

If i could change something in this book, what would I change?

I would change that the author would put more detail into Alice's life at home. it doesn't appear that she has parents until later on in the manga (Comic book)
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Figurative Language

"If I hadn't run into her (Alice) on the road, I may have died of sadness" - Peter White' Chapter 8 Book 1, "Interesting" - Hyperbole

"thump, thump thump" - Alice Liddel, Chapter 8 book one- Onomatopoeia

What type of language does this book use? Is it easy to follow?

This book uses both complex and Colloquial language. It's like they are from England sort of, i guess Alice and Wonderland is from England. It's a little difficult to follow because it is a Japanese translated writing it is read backwards right to left instead left to right.
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