Vietnam War

A Piece of American History

What was the Problem

The Vietcong was communist guerrilla force in South Vietnam. It helped North Vietnam in it's efforts to take over South Vietnam, and was fought back by Americans since 1954, and France earlier.

American Motivation

We fought to keep Vietnam away from communism, the preferred government of our rivals, the Soviet Union.
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Communist revolulsionisaries {in order} Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lynch Lenin, and Mikhail Kalinin.


American support grew steadilly, which began with us sending soldiers and military and vehicles later. It rose suddenly when North Vietnam sank an American destroyer in 1964.
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What we did to help

Regular equipment

A soldier didn't take excess things with him, because he would carry everything on his back [but would always take extra socks for some reason]. He would bring food, canteens, his uniform, weaponry, and a tarp to set up a tent with.

Vehicles and Big Guns

Machine guns and anti-aircraft missiles were used by soldiers, but weren't used when attacking. Common vehicles were the Mark 1 P.B.R [river patrol boat], M48 tank, and F-4 Phantom Fighter Planes.


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