What's Wrong With Desertification?

by Kiersten Nunes

The Desertification Problem in Algeria

Desertification in Algeria has been a problem for nearly 40 years. It can happen when there is inappropriate agriculture, a drought, or deforestation. This desertification is causing famine and famine is threatening 400 million people. That is almost equivalent to the amount of people in the United States! Just imagine, all of the US depending on soil that can't produce anything.

How Can We Fix This?

The Plant More Seeds Program

The Plant More Seeds, or PMSP, is a nonprofit organization that strives to collect money through bake sales, garage sales, and talent shows. Then, with that money, we buy some hot-weather plant seeds. Next we grab a team of volunteers to help us plant them in Algeria. The goal of this project is to have the plant roots hold in the soil and start life again. Then it will flourish to be fertile land once more.

Contact PMSP

PMSP is available any time for any questions you have. If you have any interests, please visit our website.