A World Falling Apart

World War I

Lies of War

Dear Future Soldiers,

To the world, you're brave; you're the heros of our nation. You selflessly are willing to go risk it all for our country. But do you really know what you're getting into? Can you grasp the handle on this war? The things you have read in newspapers, and heard on the radio, all make it sound like a game. They sugar coat the horrors of this war. My son was just like you; eager, patriotic, willing to do anything to prove how much he loves this country. But he didn't know what war was really like. He believed the posters, and newspapers, about the glory and heroism of war. In fact we all believed it. But then he was killed, and that kind of pain makes me hate this war. With a burning passion. Why are we even fighting this war? What is the purpose? To out-patriot the next person? Don't fall for what they make war out to be. Believe it from me, the woman who lost her son for nothing. For all the men who died in vain.

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I have been reading the things ya'll have been publishing in the paper. Poems like "Who's for the Game?" What are ya'll trying to brainwash our young men into thinking? Our young boys are seeing things like this, going to war, and being killed. Stop making battle out to be a "game." It's not. I urge you to stop printing things like this in you're paper. Start printing the truth! Tell it how it is!


A Frustrated Citizen

Pepper Lecture


9-10 Million people died overall

20 million casualties overall

Italy: 1 million casualties

Russia: 9 million casualties

Schlieffen Plan: Shipping all force onto Western Europe and then Eastern Europe

In 1 week there were 1/3 of a million dead in one battle

War of Attrition

New ways of fighting: poison gas, machine guns, tanks