Yesterdays mystery...

Ten Victims

There has recently been a mas murder on Soldier Island involving ten victims. The most sickening thing about this whole mystery, is that nobody knows who the killer is, and if the killer was one of the ten, it would have had a tragic ending resulting in suicide. The interesting thing about this case it that all of the people involved could have had possible murder cases against them. There names and cases will be listed below.

The suspicion

Vera Claythorne- Supposedly had watch over a young child, when he decided to swim out far and drowned. She apparently went after him to stop him from drowning, or she could have gone to late purposely to lower her suspicion.

Mr and Mrs Rogers- had watch over an elderly woman and could have easily drugged her before her death.

Anthony Martson- an irresponsible driver that ran over several children, sending two of them to there death.

Philip Lombard- Did leave 21 natives to die in a rain forest.


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The plot

This interesting plot starts by introducing us to the characters, and why they are going to the island. The great thing about this, we don't know who will be relevant or important to the story yet. Slowly, one by one people are being killed by following the nursery rhyme, and each time one of the china figures disappears. Suspicion start to rise and what is left of the group decides that one of them must be the murderer. The characters are doing as much as they can to prevent the events from happening, but are failing. Once again, the remainder of the group tries to form a plan. They lock up all the weapons, except for Philip's revolver because he didn't want to give it up, and he didn't know where it was. After another murder, Mr Justice Wargrave has been found with a bullet wound and the suspicion should be high on Philip. When there were only four remaining, one night Blore heard stealthy movements outside his door. When they were gone he went to see who was out of their rooms, and Dr. Armstrong had left. Blore and Philip went after him, on a hunt and could not find him. The remaining three were camping outside when Blore decided he could go for a meal. On his way to the house, a grandfather clock in the shape of a bear was pushed out of a window, and fell on him. The remaining two are out in the open, when they see some wadded up clothes. They go to investigate and find dead Dr. Armstrong. After that, they want to stay in the open, Vera steals his revolver, and kills him. Vera goes into the house, thinks that if she killed herself it would make Hugo happy, and killed herself. It is later revealed that Justice Wargrave is the killer and faked his death.

book review

I really liked this book and would highly recommend it. It is a very good mystery, and keeps you always on your toes and guessing. The unique thing about this mystery is that the characters are completely isolated from the public, and can't escape the island. I also thought it was very clever how the killer stayed very aware of the situation and how to do it with little suspicion, and how he kept following the nursery rhyme to kill the victims. Also, the ending would have been a complete mystery if you haven't read the monologue and epilogue.