Characters, Setting and Themes

Arabella Hau

What are Dynamic and Static Characters?

A character is someone who takes part in the action of the story. If a character develops and learns through story events, they are a dynamic character. If a character shows little or no internal change, they are a static character. Static characters are usually supporting or minor characters. To determine whether a character is dynamic or static, you need to look at the character's attitude, outlook, or values throughout a story. An example of a static character is Janine from the book "Divergent." At the beginning of the book, she is an evil leader who wants control over everyone, and in the end of the story she is the same way. An example of a dynamic character is Peter, also from the book "Divergent." In the beginning, he is a bully to Tris, but after she saves his life, he changes his attitude towards her and is more respectful of her.

How Setting Affects a Character

Characters in fiction are affected by the historical and cultural settings they live in. For example, in the story "If I Stay" by Gayle Forman, the characters live in a part of Oregon that gets small amounts of snow in the winter. Because of this, school is canceled, and the kids and parents get the day off. The family decides to then travel to a friend's house to visit, but in the slick conditions, get in a car accident. The setting majorly impacted the plot, because if there had not been snow, they might not have gotten into a wreck, and the family might still be together. This not only affects the characters, but the future plot as well.

Why This Artifact Meets the Standards

My artifact meets the standards because I used examples from books I read to support my main ideas. I believe that by using examples from books that I have read not only shows my understanding of the subject, but will help me identify these elements in future books that I will read.