Lydia Isaak

My Great Grandma

Birth and Family

Lydia Isaak was born on June 8, 1910, on a farm near Clayton, SD to Christian and Rosina Roduner. Lydia Isaak had a huge family. She married a guy named Eltor Isaak. They had two daughters named Shirley and Mary. She also had one son Donald Isaak, who is my grandpa. She had two brothers and one sister too. So she had nine grandchildren and sixteen great-grandchildren.


She was an accomplished seamstress and worked in sales and alterations at Barons and the Toggery clothing stores. For many years she enjoyed being the sample lady at the Sunshine Grocery store in South Dakota. She also had many jobs as kid too. She lived on a farm so she had to do stuff like picking the eggs from the chickens and feeding all the animals around the farm. She ended school in 6th grade in South Dakota, so she started working on the farm full time at a very young age.

Daily Life

She loved to spend time with her children and grandchildren. She did stuff with them like taking them fishing and taking them to go camping. She was very faithful in god and would always go to her local Presbyterian church wherever she lived. My grandpa told me that she always lived life happily and taught him that there is more to life then money and material items.


She only went to one school in her lifetime. When she was young in South Dakota almost everybody lived on a farm. So everyone only went to school until sixth grade. Her school she went to was in a city outside of her home. It was a school in a city called Meno. There wasn't many schools in North Dakota when she lived there so sometimes the kids had to travel pretty far to go to school. She learned a lot of stuff from working around the farm though.
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Obituary Picture

The picture above is the cover of her obituary. I found her obituary in my house because she recently passed away. It showed a lot of information about her. She was an amazing person.

Wars and Battles

Lydia lived through both of the world wars and the Vietnam war. My Grandpa (Her son) fought in the Vietnam war. She was probably very scared during that war because she didn't know what was happening to him. Her son also was in the marines. He earned a lot of awards through his years of service for our country. He luckily survived through all of the years he served for our country.


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Her Death and Quotes

She sadly died on January 26, 2015 in Mitchell, South Dakota. She died at age 104. That is an amazing life. I am glad I got to see her on her 100th birthday. I wish I could find the pictures I took with her. But, I remember how she was always happy. I also remember how she said that life is short, so you should always live life happily and with a smile on your face. She was never sad and was always happy even when things were tough.