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By Justin Lee

Deng Xiaoping

Deng Xiaoping was the new leader who took over in the 1970's. He began to reorganize the government with the Four Modernizations. He drifted the towards mixed economy. His role in the government and economy helped China improve.

The Four Modernizations

They specialized in the development of:

- Agriculture




During the Four Modernizations, farmers were allowed to decide what to produce and were allowed to sell surplus products and keep the profit. Because of this, money was made available for new and efficient farming equipment. This also brought new seeds and increased the quotas for higher production. Industry shifted from metals to more consumer-friendly goods. Factory workers and managers were given more control over their factories. All of the new methods required investment in human capital in China.

Tiananmen Square Massacre

Several hundred people were killed by the Chinese government. The protests started off as a group of students marching in memory of the former party leader, Hu Yaobang who had died a week before. But as the days went by, millions of people began to protest. That's when the government began to notice, so they fought back. They sent out several army tanks and shot at unarmed protesters that wanted democracy in the country. George Bush, the current president at the time of the U.S., deeply deplored or disagreed with the use of force by the government. The nearby hospitals were filled with people who suffered from gunshot wounds, half of which were not part of the protests. Since the massacre, Peking has become more widely known as Beijing.

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