The Historian

By: Jacob Frazier & Logan Allen P.2


Kiss the Whigs Goodbye

The Whig party has suffocated leaving Milliard Fillmore as the only remnants of their existence. After the firm establishment of the Republican Party and their views of keeping slavery strictly in the South, the Whig's lost nearly all of their supporters to them just before the election of 1856. Thus leaving what is still here today the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

Continuation of Westward Expansion

After declaring independence for Mexico in 1836 many of the people of the new republic wanted to be part of the flourishing United States. Texas enters into the United States as a slave state now creating an unbalance between slave and free states.



The California gold rush started in 1848 and by 1849 there was some 300,000 gold seekers packing up their things and moving out west. This rush also brought many immigrants from Latin America and Asia.

Long Distance Connection

Along with westward expansion the inventions of the railroad helped connect the powerful East and newfound West. Also with Samuel Morse creating the telegraph, connection lines were in the major cities so one could receive messages.


Uproar in Neutral State

The incident of Bleeding Kansas was a small scale civil war in Kansas. John Brown massacred pro-slavery supporters because of their views. This led to the repealing of the Missouri Compromise and gave new states popular sovereignty or gave the people the right to vote on whether they wanted to be a free or a slave state.

Dred Scott Vs. Sandford

Dred Scott was an enslaved African American in the United States who tried to sue for his and his families freedom against the United States. The result was unsuccessful because he was not ruled a citizen. Tension now surrounded the issue of slavery in the United States.