Stress Awareness

Let's get to know what is stressing you out!

What are my FIVE top stressors?

One of my top stressors are my friends because I care what they think and I don't what them to make fun of me by doing something really dumb and then they will keep bring it up. Another one of my stressors are test because I sometimes am not ready and my nerves get the best of me and I can start to think that I will fail and that is when stress kicks in. One of my worst stressors are homework because I don't get much homework but this week so far I have been really stress out because next week I have a book project and I have started it but I have a math test, science test and five math pages to do tonight. Another one is at home because my sister can stress me out by asking for help on a easy problem and by taking out the trash feeding the dogs and by cleaning the dishes and she does nothing. My last stressor is life at home because at my house I have a lot of things to do like I have to work on my projects at I couldn't do at home and on top of that I have to help out my sister on the questions at she does not understand.

What are some ways to help lower my stress?

Here are some of the ways that I lower my stress,

  • Laugh at a really funny on youtube because A funny thing can make the world come of my shoulders.
  • Play games on Xbox because play a game makes me forget about the world around me.
  • Eating my favorite food Skyline chili 3 way because it is my favorite and it just makes me really happy.
  • Watch a movie because it helps me forget all about things like homework.
  • playing on the computer
  • playing on phone
  • watching youtube
  • eat chips and salsa
  • Break wood because it feels really good when I punch and break a strong piece of wood .

Forms of stress.

Stress relieving activites

One way for me to relieve my homework stress is by doing a little bit of home each night so I would have less homework for the next night, then I could have more free time. Another way for me to try to help out my stress is by playing a card game because it is a nice calm way to help out your stress and it is very fun. The activite that can help me release my test stress is by doing a flash card game because I love games and the game would test your how well you know them. One thing that can do at home is walk the dogs to clear my mind because I love to go on walks then the weather is nice. My last way to help out my stress is by help out my sister with all of her homework by helping her out with the ones she doesn't get.