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West Homer Elementary--5th Grade

Dates to Remember

September 2- Labor Day, No School

September 9- Girls on the Run (First Meeting)

September 10- Band Begins

October 3 and 4- Ageya Overnight Field Trip

Classroom Happenings

We are working hard and making great progress in room 317! This week in reading students partner read, Up and Running, a story about two fifth graders running for student council president. While reading, students practiced making predictions and improving their fluency. We continued our work with place value in math. Students created hands-on models of decimal numbers and explored the relationship between fractions and decimals. In writing we have continued reviewing the elements of a paragraph. Students are writing three paragraphs: one about who they are currently, a second paragraph about what they were like when they were little, and a third paragraph about what they will be like when they are thirty. In social studies the fifth graders have been reviewing world geography. I would encourage you to ask your child what continent, country, state and city they live in!

What's Next?

Next week will be a four day week. There is no school on Monday, September 2nd in honor of Labor Day. Although it is a short week, it will be a full one! In reading students will be partner reading a non-fiction text about a team of Double Dutch players who practice long hours and eventually win a Double Dutch competition. At one of the reading stations next week students will be practicing the jump-roping game of Double Dutch with their reading partners. In math we will continue our work with place value into the thousandths. Students will be comparing the value of decimal numbers with digits in the tenths, hundredths, and thousandths place. Finally, in writing students will be editing and publishing their three paragraphs about who they are now, what they were like when they were little and who they will be in the future.

Flour and Salt

We will be making U.S. Physical Maps as a part of our geography unit next week. We will be making our own clay. In order to make the clay, we need three cups of flour and 1/2 cup of salt for each student. If you are interested in donating flour or salt for our project, our class would greatly appreciate it! Please send your flour and/or salt contribution to school with your child anytime next week. Thank you!!!

5th Grade Band

As a fifth grader, your child has the opportunity to participate in the West Homer Elementary Band Program. Fifth grade band will take place from 12:35-1:05 on Tuesdays and 2:40-3:10 on Thursdays. September 10th is the first day of band. If you have questions regarding fifth grade band opportunities, please contact Tina Moore, our music teacher, at

Band Night will be Wednesday, September 4th at the Homer High School Band Room from 5:30-7:30pm. If your child does not have an instrument, but would like to participate in band, there will be instruments for sale and rental opportunities as well.

Ageya Field Trip---Oct 3 and 4

Our class will be participating in an exciting and memorable learning experience at Ageya Wilderness Center October 3 and 4. We will be taking an overnight camping trip at Ageya and participating in five natural history units. Students will engage in various science, math, and team building activities. This outdoor education opportunity is an incredible learning experience. Talking to past students, this trip is a fifth grade highlight for many students.

West Homer believes in the power of learning beyond the classroom walls and the impact outdoor education can have on our students. Therefore, we put a great deal of thought and preparation into our outdoor education experiences. Fundraising is the first step in making the fifth grade trip to Ageya possible.

Our outdoor education experiences are dependent on the fifth grade families supporting the fundraising process. Together, we will be creating and selling a cookbook filled with our favorite recipes. Each student will provide five recipes for the cookbook. We are in need of parent volunteers to help type the recipes and support the advertising process.

Weekly Newsletter

You will be receiving our classroom newsletter each week through email. Since I do not have all parent emails yet, I will be sending our first few newsletters home in a hardcopy format. If you do not have internet access at home please let me know.

Volunteering Opportunities

Are you interested in volunteering in our classroom this year? We would love to have you! There are many volunteering opportunities throughout the school year. You may choose to come in weekly, monthly, or at an "on occasion" basis. The more parents we have involved in our school the better off we are!

However, in order to volunteer at West Homer a background check must be complete. All volunteers will need to complete the online background check each year.

Directions for the Online Background Check:

1. Go to the district website at

2. At the home page, under "Volunteer in a Neighborhood School", clip on "more information and application".

3. Click on "Volunteer Openings".

4. Then, click the "Apply" button next to the West Homer Elementary listing at the bottom of the page.

5. A screen will appear, click on the START arrow and fill in the information needed and move on as instructed.

As soon as your background check has been processed our school secretary, Jean Calhoun, will let me know and we meet to discuss your volunteering interests. If you have difficulties completing the background check, please let me know so I can help you through the process.

I look forward to working together this year!

Girls on the Run

The mission of Girls on the Run is to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running. Students who participate in Girls on the Run do not need to be athletically pre-disposed. It is not a sport; it is an afterschool club that works to build self-esteem and friendships.

Activities and games are designed to be accessible to all levels of fitness. Girls on the Run meets on Mondays and Wednesdays at the West Homer Library. The curriculum helps 3rd through 5th grade girls get a better understanding of who they are, what is most important to them, the role of teams and healthy relationships, and how to positively shape the world. The result? Healthy, confident girls who can.

The first meeting will be on Monday, September 9th at 3:30 in the West Homer Library.

For more information please contact Tara Schmidt or Rachel Romberg at Haven House.

907-235-7712 (ext. 227)