Gary's Gulag

Home to thousands of guests


There is an endless variety of recreational activities. The more intense ones include digging for riches, architectural practices, and forestry. These are favorites among the guests. We also offer a few more laid back activities that include food distribution, salon time, and the spa. All of these recreational activities are great for the whole family!

Living Arrangements

At Gary's Gulag, a majority of the resort was set up as the guest rooms. We did not want guests to have any small bedrooms. The beds are very comfortable, and some even come in bunk beds. This allows your entire family to easily stay in one room, and have extra room for activities. There's no need to worry about blinding lighting in the recreation center either, for there were dim lights. Along the edge of the resort is a 2.5 meter tall fence to prevent any unwanted trespassers, along with state of the art security at the entrances.


Although Gary's Gulag may seem far away from central Russia, it is definitely worth the drive! It isn't something anyone can get to, you have to win one of our many sweepstakes. For a chance to win a free stay at Russia's finest Gulag, one must contact contact their local patrolman. If you are a different ethnicity besides Russian, you like to live on the edge and take things that don't belong to you, or you are a very passive person when it comes to doing work, you almost have a guaranteed stay at Gary's Gulag!