Strength is the Key to Survival!

Reasons why you shouldnt support states power

Dear Local American Citizen,

Do you like life without the British? Do you want this to continue? Then you need to support the Federalists in the fight for a strong central goverment, and not States Power! Here is the best reason why:

When States have individual Power, they turn on each other;

The articles of confederations didnt allow for a strong central goverment. This allowed

states to control themselves, and because of greed all they did was argue and hinder the

growth of a nation. The states made their own money, taxed out of state residents, and even had their own banks. All of these factors together mean one thing, a nation with a horrible comerce and economy. Also, the states didnt have to send military aid for a Federal cause! This means if Virginia gets invaded by the British scum, then no other state needs to send military to help them. It rediculous! We cant allow this to continue! Support a strong central goverment today!

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