E Portfolio Investigation

My Technology Design Cycle Report

Problem Identify

The problems for students are:

_They can't access their school work/project and also losing their work.

_Students can't also demonstrate on their work.

_If they are using portfolio (with paper), they might forgot to pack or accidentally leave somewhere.

_With your flash, you can easily forget it because the flash is pretty small.

Design Brief

Your task is to investigate portfolios and eportfolios, and also design plan and create your own EPortfolio. To showcase your academic/school work and demonstrate your progress over the year then evaluate the effectiveness of the product

Definition of EPortfolio

EPortfolio stands for Electronic Portfolio. It is the purposeful collection of information and digital artifacts. EPortfolio's producing process often requires the synthesis of ideas, reflect on achievements, forward planning with the educational potential, and development for other benefits, and self-awareness.

Portfolio! Who Uses Them? And Why?

We used portfolio because :

1) It link assessment to instruction linking assessment to instruction.

2) Portfolios reveal any weaknesses in instructional practice

E.g.: If the purpose of the portfolio is linked to making progress toward all areas of the National Standards, and, at the end of the marking period, there are no works related to oral communication in the portfolio, the teacher may decide to incorporate more oral communications work into the curriculum.

And as students create their portfolios, they are actively involved in and reflecting on their own learning.

Different types and styles of EPortfolio

There are three types of EPortfolio. They are:

_Developmental Portfolios:

-Development portfolios demonstrate the students' skills' advancement and development over period of time. Developmental Portfolios are considered as works-in-progress and include both self-assessment and also reflection or feedback elements.

_Assessment Portfolios:

-Assessment Portfolios demonstrate student's competence and skill demonstrate student competence and skill for well-defined areas. These may be end-of-course or program assessments primarily for evaluating student performance.

_Showcase Portfolios:

-Showcase Portfolios demonstrate exemplary work and students's skill. This type of portfolio is created at the end of a program to highlight the quality of student work.

The Wide Variety of Portfolios

Portfolios can consist a wide variety of materials such as teacher notes, teacher-completed checklists, student self- reflections, reading logs, sample journal pages, written summaries, audiotapes of retellings or oral readings, videotapes of group projects, and so forth (Valencia, 1990). But all of these items are not used all of the time.

Students' EPortfolio

Here are some samples of other students' eportfolios

http://linglingmeng.portfoliolounge.com (Souleng)

http://hwanhyuseo.weebly.com/ (Hwanhyu Seo)

http://navapolmontong.wix.com/portfolio (Navapol)

Design Specification

The product I create must :

  • be free
  • must be accessible in variety of
  • be able to store work produce in all of classes (paint a picture from Art classthen take a picture of it
  • contain section/pages for MYP subjects,
  • have a homepage must have :
_"Good name/URL"

_"Your name & something about yourself"

_"Photos of you"

_"Link to these pages :

  1. Humanities
  2. Math
  3. Science
  4. Lang.
  5. Tech
  6. PE
  7. Arts&Music

Testing Methods

I will test my product. The test group consist people will be Muy, SP, Tokna, Haroon, Ty. I'm getting 5-10 classmates. Classmates will test the product from September 16-18. My classmates will test my product by using Criteria.