Oral History Project- Sariah Soto

5th Hour December 5th 2014

1. How did your parents meet?

My parents met at a Zoo. Pepa (Grandpa) was with his brother and memaw (Grandma) was with her sister and they saw eachother and fell in love.

2. When and where were you born?

I was born in Richmond Texas, 1978

3. Are there any stories accociated with your birth?

No, I was a full term baby. When I was born I had two older sisters and one younger.

4. Do you have any special memories of your Grand=parents or Great-Grandparent?

Yes, every year since I was little we used to go to my grandma's house for all the holidays. It was my dad's family's house because memaw's parents were not living at the time. A memory is every year they would kill a pig and make tamales every Christmas.

5. What responsibilites did you have in the home?

My responsibiletes was washing dishes. There was four girls in the house so we would take turns doing dishes and whenever our room would get messy we would clean our room.

6. Tell me about the schools you intended.

My Elementray and Middle school was new and they had good teachers and it was really fun. When I attended High School our football team wasn't great. We were rivals with another school.

7. Describe the community you grew up in?

The community I grew up in had a lot of gang activity, lots of crimes ,and lots of high rate teenage pregnancy. My parents moved out to avoid all of the bad things going on. Our new community was pretty rough, but had good education.

8. What do you remmember about the house you grew up in?

The house I grew up in had a big toy room and we would play all the time. It was always clean and we all had chores to do. It was always a home.

9. How did you celebrate holidays, birthdays, and other special events? What are your favorite holiday memories?

We celebrated every year. My parents always made sure our holidays and birthdays were fun and what we wanted. Every year on my birthday we would go to my aunt and uncle's farm and I would feed the goats. That was my favorite birthday memory.

10. Name some special homemade foods you enjoyed as a child?

A special food I enjoyed as a child was my Grandma's homemade Blueberry pie.

11. Describe the games you played as a child?

When I was little I played volleyball with my sisters, rode bikes, and played tag.

12. What kind of music did you listen to when you were growing up?

We didn't have cds we had records. I loved urban cowboy ,Madonna, Whitney Houston, and Heart.

13. What kind of clothing did you wear as a child? As a young adult?

I wore faded, guests, torn, and tight jeans. I always had a big fashioned belt to match.

14. What kind medicine did you take when you were sick?

I never took pills, it was always liquid Tylenol.

15. How did you meet your spouse?

We met at a party at my older sister's house. We were introduced and we went out on our first date with a group of friends. We got to know each other and just had a life after that.

16. When and where were you married?

I was married in 1999 in Rousenberg Texas, at a LDS chapel.

17. What are the most speacial events that occured in your life?

The most special events that had occurred in my life was earning my GED, entering collage, and having children and getting sealed in the Temple.

17. What is your life's most important achievment?

My life's most important achievement was going to school for my RN degree.