7 Characteristic of Civalization



Surplus of food.People need Surplus of food because they have enough food to survive.Surplus means that they have enough food to survive.They had farms to keep the animal safe and ready to eat.It helped us because we have surplus food for ever.


People need Goverment because to organize everything.Goverment means to me is power.The evidence I found is that it said that they need goverment.It made a impact because everything is balence.

Social Classes

People need Social classes because they need groups to do different jobs.Social classes mean to me is that different jobs.The evidence I found is that they do it to get different stuff.It made a Impact because they have the stuff they use to don't have.
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They need art because they could tell what happen in thier lives.Art means to me is a picture of thier lives.It Impacted that somebody save somebody lives.
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They need Language because to communicate with each other.Language mean to me is communicating with each other.The evidence I found is that they need Language to work together.It Impacted because it make thier lives easier for them to work together
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They need Religion because they believe in something else.It mean to me is a person who believe in something else.The evidence I found is that is like different groups but different beliefs.
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They need Tecnology to make different marterials.It mean to me is that different tools.The evidence i found is that they need it to make better tools.It impacted because now they have better tools