AP Psychology Revision 7/25/24

A few important notes in lieu of a 7/23 meeting!

Hi guys! Here are a few quick notes about the AP revision part 2. If you’d done part 1 of the revision, most of this is old news!

The content in each module needs to be a SoftChalk, assignment, quiz, test, essay, or forum. ALL of the items such as Powerpoints, learning objects, etc. must be moved into SoftChalk assignments.

So, what does that mean for us? During the last revision, each person took a specialized role and did that for each module.

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What do we do this time around?

What I’m hearing is that everyone wants to pretty much keep the same roles. But Carrie is not on the semester two revision team and we have 2 new members, Katie and Aprill. The question is how can we more efficiently get through the revision? My thought would be that either Aprill or Katie could take Carrie’s spot and the other person could help move the non-SoftChalk materials into the instructor resource files and help with some of the documentation. I’m up for anything- let me know what you’d like to do!!

Things to do right now- #1

We need to reschedule our meeting. Please email me- doodle didn't work so well for all members. I can meet Tuesday, July 28- Thursday July 31 pretty much anytime. Let me know your availability and I'll put together a plan ASAP! We've just started and we're already behind! :-)

Things to do right now- #2

For now, we need to really get moving!! Here is the link to the module 9 pre-planning document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BXS1GyeX79S1zfeOn2dw_jnHCOGxgqbgQQ4bIcXcRyU/edit?usp=sharing

What I need from you is to go through this module and add comments. Here is a copy of the module 3 pre-planning document so you can see what I mean:


Things to do right now- #3

Please do the same review and add comments to the module 10 pre-planning document. It is locate at the following link: