Niagara Falls

Flowing Water Biome

Climate and Seasons

In Summer the temperature can range from 75 to 81 degrees fahrenheit. In Fallthe temperatures range from 46 to 72 degrees fahrenheit. In Winter the temperature can range from 30 to 36 degrees fahrenheit. In Spring the temperatures range from 41 to degrees fahrenheit.

An aerial map of Niagara Falls via Google Earth

reccommended time to visit

The summer is the best time to visit because it is not too cold and it is a nice place to visit and something to check off your bucket list.

Local facts

The average rainfall in a year is a steady 35.8 inches. There really isnt any animal life around because of theconstant roar of the falls. The plant life surrounding is very plain with your avwerage grasses and trees.

A beautiful shot of Niagara Falls that is put on every night.

A Rainbow shining across the Canadian side of Niagara falls


Many summer time activities include going on a boat tour above and below the Falls and if your lucky seeing an amazing feet as someone tightrope walks across the roaring rapids.

A giant splash created by the constant uproar of the crashing water of Niagara Falls