DECA Emerges at Ezekiel Ezra Smith

Stronger, Braver, Superior

We're Back

DECA - the premier Association of Marketing Students, is back and stronger than ever on the campus of E E Smith High School. On October 17, the chapter officers were sworn in as administrators, parents, and other members dined on bar-b-q chicken, potato salad, and baked beans. Mrs. Brenda S. Haynes serves as the advisor.

Guest Speaker

Our guest speaker was Lt. Todd Joyce, a former DECA member in the 1980's when Mrs. Marjorie Hendrix was the marketing teacher. He encouraged the students to embrace the fundamentals of DECA and to continue to strive for success. We were proud to have a former DECA member to be a successful and great leader in our community.

Who We Are

DECA prepares students for marketing, management, and entrepreneurship