Transfer files to anyone using your phone with just a tap.

FileBeam is super easy to use

Transfer Dropbox files to anyone using your phone with just a tap.

It's very easy to use. Tap on a folder to expand it, select files (and even folders!), and then beam it on another NFC enabled device by tapping on it.

Both phones must have the app installed.

It's FREE!

Use it whenever you like. Beam files and folder to anyone you know, anywhere you go!

Here's how you use it:

FileBeam Android App

When would you find this app useful?


Stop Flyering! Just beam your information PDF to clients, make sure they have a digital copy. Digital copies are easier to work with, not need to email them a pdf anymore.


Need lecture notes? Need study materials? Did you want a copy of that study material that your friend have so you can follow along with the lecture? You friend can just beam it to you.

Event Booth

Manning an event booth? Sick of giving out paper? Be the next hip company to 'beam' information to everyone who stops by and asks for information. Stop wasting paper, show everyone you care about trees.


Download and Install:

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