The effects of poor nutrition

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Consequences of poor nutrition

The long-term effects of poor prenatal nutrition are becoming a matter of increasing concern throughout the world. While the consequences of inadequate caloric and/or vitamin intake during pregnancy have been well characterized, in recent years it has become clear that serious long-term adverse effects may also result from gestational nutrient imbalance, even when total caloric intake is more than sufficient to meet the demands of pregnancy. Excessive fat, carbohydrate or protein intake may permanently alter the homeostatic mechanisms in the fetus, predisposing the offspring of affected pregnancies to serious chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.

What you eat during your pregnancy has a great impact on the long-term health prospects of your child. Inadequate nutrition, especially early in the pregnancy, may impair fetal brain development and cause abnormalities in endocrine functioning, organ development and the energy metabolism of your child.

The Statistics

Each year 150,000 10% are born with birth defects. That is 15,000 babies. 3% of all children born in the U.S. have a major malformation at birth. The birth defects include low birth weight, which is the leading cause of infant mortality. 10% of the problems can be traced by drugs, nutrition or biologic. Women who smoke during pregnancy double the risk of having a LBW ( low birth weight) baby. These are the harsh realities.

What it looks like

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Questions to ask yourself

Am i eating right?

Am i gaining to much weight?

Am i under eating?

These are some of the many questions to ask yourself!

These are some of the many reasons to eat right and take care of you and your growing baby