Pacific Ridge Principal's Update

Monday, August 24, 2020

What will my child's school schedule look like?

Option One: Comprehensive Distance Learning/Hybrid

Students enrolled in this school option will be provided with a daily schedule of online live learning opportunities through Zoom with their teacher and classmates. Students will also have a schedule of daily learning that they do on their own time that is not delivered live in real time. All assignments and videos will be posted on our new learning platform, Seesaw.

Teachers will be taking attendance daily and while it is our hope that all of our students enrolled in this option will be able to regularly attend their scheduled live learning classes each day, we also know that family's schedules vary and this may not be possible. Students will be marked as "present" if they attend their live classes OR if they complete and submit their assignments to their teacher in Seesaw. As long as students are completing and submitting their work to their teacher daily (even if the work is completed in the evening after school hours), they will be marked as present and are not required to attend the live sessions if this is a challenge for your family.

We are in the process of finalizing the daily Comprehensive Distance Learning schedules for each grade level K-5 & will be sharing these with families very soon (by the end of this week)!

Currently, our School Board has approved the first six-weeks to be fully online Comprehensive Distance Learning for all students. Students participating in this learning model will move to a hybrid on-site learning model when it is safe to do so. The hybrid model will begin with 1/2 the class attending on-site on Monday/Tuesday and 1/2 the class attending on-site on Thursday/Friday. On days when students are not on-site they will continue their work online in Seesaw.

Option Two: Online Thrive

Students enrolled in this school option will not be provided with a daily schedule. Students will work at their own pace through the lesson modules in FLVS (Florida Virtual Learning School) with support from a parent or another adult at home. This is the best option for families who do not plan to have their student return to school on-site this school year.

In this school option students are assigned to a teacher, but not a classroom of students. There will be no live teaching sessions. Students will digitally submit their work to be graded and the teacher will grade and provide feedback to families each week. Additionally, the teacher will check in with families a minimum of twice per week to make sure students are making adequate progress in their lesson modules each week. Students participating in this learning model will not participate in any on-site instruction for the entire school year.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's ~ Comprehensive Distance Learning, Hybrid & Online Thrive

As we navigate this new learning adventure together, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

English FAQ's:

Spanish FAQ's:

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