Wildcat Weekly

Every Learner--Every Day

Week at a Glance...

Monday, September 12

  • IGNiTE Project Team Meeting @ 8AM
  • Fourth Grade uses library from 9-10AM

Tuesday, September 13

  • Literacy Team Meetings all day in room 107
  • One Sole Purpose Delivery Day @ 9AM in APR-Matz in charge
  • Mrs. Forrester at a conference in Jefferson City
  • Girl Scouts in Art room at 4:30PM

Wednesday, September 14

  • Fifth Grade to Art Museum from 12-2PM (5th Grade switches lunch with 3rd Grade)

Thursday, September 15

  • Reed Middle School Night

Friday, September 16

  • Dr. Dawson visits Watkins @ 10:30AM
  • 4th Grade travels to Camp Wakonda all day

Teacher Morning Duty

APR: Burnley & Scott

Marigold Moments

Each week I am going to highlight some 'Marigold Moments' that I observe in the building that week.

  • Mrs. Powell being exceedingly patient and kind with a student who needed a lot of attention this week.
  • Teachers checking in on the subs in their partner teacher's class.
  • Those who noticed I needed caffeine and brought me a coke!
  • Mrs. Acevedo for jumping in and covering a class at a moments notice during her plan time.
  • All the smiling faces at Open House even though we were bone tired!
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Friday Feedback

Please give input about how to spend our Explore bonus money!!!