Three Blind Mice

By Doug Howard

The Situation

The Mice are being arrested for stealing the cheese from the Millers, which is considered a felony. The Mice are now being brought before the Grand Jury, in which they are going to plead to the judge that they are innocent. The Mice are considered the defendant of the felony and are trying to win against the prosecutors or prosecution. The prosecutors case ended up being true and the indictment was made and the Mice were charged with the felony. The Supreme Court then reviews this case and decides to hold a pre-arraignment conference that has a public defender along with it. Plea bargaining was considered in ending the case, but it was decided that that would not happen. Many defendants want to bail at this point, but have no choice but to stand trial. Petit Jury was selected for the case and the witnesses of the Mice stealing the cheese were present (if not, the witness would be subpoenaed. Then the witness testified the that he will not commit perjury or lying under oath. Jury reached their verdict and the defendant was proven not guilty rather than being put to hung jury or being convicted and found guilty. If the mice had been found guilty, they would have been able to appeal.