Unit 6 Project

Aimee Johnston

Manifest Destiny Picture

Manifest Destiny divined authority to spread across the continent to the Pacific Ocean.
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Trails West Map

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There were 4 main trails that lead the people. The Santa Fe, Oregon, California, and the Mormon. The Santa Fe trail started in Independence, Missouri and went to Santa Fe, Texas. The Oregon Trail also started in Independence, Missouri and went to Oregon City in Oregon. The California trail started in Western Missouri and went to Sutter's Fort in California. The last Trail started in Nauvoo, Illinois and went to Salt Lake City, Utah. All of the Trails were important because they helped the people move west.

Texas Revolution

After the US got Texas from Mexico, Settlers started moving there because they wanted to increase the population. After they did, Texans outnumbered Mexicans.
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The Battle of the Alamo

During the war with Texas and Mexico, some Texans and Mexicans prepared to defend the Alamo together.
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Mexican-American War

Causes- The cause of the Mexican- American war was that Texas wanted to be independent from Mexico.

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo- The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was a treaty of Peace, Friendship, Limits, and Settlement between the United States and Mexico.

Bear Flag Revolt- The Bear Flag Revolt

Gadsden Purchase- The Gadsden Purchase was an agreement between the US and Mexico. In 1854, the US agreed to pay Mexico money for a portion of Mexico.

Gold rush writing

Dear Family,

I miss you all dearly. How are you? It's very hard being away but the gold rush is just so important. Life here in California and in the mine camps are unbelievable. We work so much and don't have a lot of free time. Being a part of the Gold rush makes me feel good. It is fun looking for gold but it's hard work. See you soon.