Digital Citizenship

Social Media NIAMH L

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is when someone that you may know or not know bullies you through social media. They hurt your feelings by saying nasty words or sending inappropriate pitures.

If someone bullies you, you can screan shot the message or photo. You can contact

Kids Helpline,Eheadspace or the creators of the website.

Online Safety

Online can be a great place to play games, chat to friends and find some really cool stuff. But there is always someone out there saying nasty words to you or a friend.

There are also pop up bars that try and convince you to to by something false, and many people end up losing A LOT of money.

Digital footprints help in many ways like getting a job to see if the person is responsible and even the police use it to find the online criminals.



Netiquette is a word meaning internet safety. Many

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