Grade 1 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Week 4 Easter Term 2016: 1st - 5th February

Dates for the Diary

February 8th-12th - Chinese New Year Holiday

February 15th - ECA Block 1 begins

February 17th - Grade 1 Parent Teacher Conferences
February 19th - Chinese New Year (Dress Up Day)
February 19th - Chinese New Year Celebration (evening event)

Swimming G1AMc Wednesday 11.20am only (all other Grade 1 classes Land PE)
February 22nd - 'Beyond the Haze' contest submissions due

(optional: please contact your class teacher or school newsletter for more information)​

February 25th - Global Family Festival Parade (Dress Up Day)

Wednesday 2nd March- Grade 1 Sports Day (see message below)

Friday March 4th - Grade 1 Bollywood Veggies trip (letter to come)

Friday 11th March - Unit of Work Exit Point

Thursday 17th March - Easter Bonnet Parade and Grade 1 Celebration of Learning 8am

March 18th - April - Easter Holiday

A message from the PE Department

Please be reminded that the G1J and G2J House Sports Day is taking place on

Wednesday 2nd March (Week 7) between 8.00am and 11.00am.

More details to follow!

Mums and Dads may wish to start training now for the Great Saints Relay!

Chinese New Year Puppet Show and crafts


SJII is partnering with Beyond the Haze (an initiative co-founded by SJII parent Paul Judge) to launch an exciting and educational school-wide contest

​ that supports our school sustainability program.

SJII is joining several other local schools in participating in the Beyond the Haze contest, which challenges students to look into the root causes of Singapore's annual haze problem and think of ways they can make a difference in saving the environment.

Students will be eligible to win prizes including a 3D2N trip to the Sumatran Orang-utan Conservation Program (SOCP) in Indonesia, Kindle tablets, and more. Please encourage your children as they put together their submissions and visit their Facebook page at to learn more! Together we can promote greater environmental awareness at the school.

SJII parent Paul Judge and fellow expat Irene Wong founded community group Beyond the Haze with an intent to increase awareness about the root causes and effects of deforestation in Southeast Asia. They will be hosting an exhibition of SJII entries at the school later this term, and they will also also hold a contest-ending awards ceremony and gala event in April.

About Beyond the Haze

Beyond the Haze is a community of ordinary people who want to preserve our environment for future generations. We believe that through education we can inspire people to look beyond the haze and take positive action to save our environment by making informed decisions about what we buy, eat, and use.

About the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP)

SOCP is one of the foremost authorities on the status and distribution of remaining orang-utans in Sumatra, Indonesia. Their work focuses on habitat protection, reintroduction of confiscated pets to the wild, education, survey work and scientific research.

Competition details

Posterise it! (Ages 5-9)

What’s going on behind the haze? Design a poster that explains why there is a haze problem and why this needs to stop. The poster may depict damage to the rainforest, the affect animals/people, or even paper and palm oil products. The poster can be in any style and can be painted, drawn, or designed with computer graphics.

CONTEST DETAILS CONTEST RULES Submit all entries to your school contest coordinator OR by email to

Entries will be judged on creativity & quality of content. Winning entries and finalists will be featured on the Beyond the Haze Facebook page and in a future issue of Asian Geographic magazine. Visit our page and join our community on Facebook:

Prizes (2 age categories)

1st Prize - Kindle Fire Tablet, Beyond The Haze gift pack, 1-year subscription to Asian Geographic Junior Magazine.

Runners Up (x2) - Beyond The Haze gift pack, 1-year subscription to Asian Geographic Junior Magazine.

*Entries in by no later than February 22nd.

** Look out for posters around the school


IPC Unit of Work - We are what we eat

In our IPC Unit of Work this week, we have introduced the children to the concept of different food groups.

• Carbohydrates – bread, potatoes, pasta, rice

• Protein – milk, meat, fish, cheese, eggs, beans, pulses

• Vitamins and minerals – fruit and vegetables

• Fats and sugars – chips, biscuits, cakes

• Milk and dairy – butter, cheese, eggs

Using large coloured hoops to represent each food group we asked the children to place pictures of different food within the correct group. We noticed that some foods belong in more than one group.

Using 'The Eatwell Plate' as a guide our discussions lead onto the idea of what is meant by a balanced diet – that we need to eat food from each of the food groups in the right amounts to stay healthy.

The children made a whole class Eatwell Plate and then their own using this website

To check their understanding we then asked them to create an example of a healthy meal. The children have also been reading a poem about this and followed up with creating a Freddy 5 group figure!

Everyday for the last 2 weeks we have been recording whether our Brain Food has been Go, Slow or Whoa food. Using the data from both weeks we came to some conclusions about our eating habits.

Language Arts


This week we have been learning to use the 'Monitor and Fix Up' Café strategy. As we're reading, we pay attention to what we read and fix it if it doesn't sound right, or if words do not match the picture or context.

We have continued to work on the comprehension skill of identifying and describing, but have now been focusing on the settings in stories. What is the setting? Which details do we notice about the setting? When we describe, we talk about the details of settings.

The children are settling into their guided reading groups and enjoying these focused sessions.


This week our authors have been learning about strategies that can help them when they write during Writers' Workshop, such as using words from around the room and 'sounding out'. There has also been a focus on checking our writing to ensure that we haven't missed anything, and to improve it. We know that authors add things to their writing!

After the CNY break we will be starting a new unit in Writers' Workshop - an author study on Lynley Dodd (Hairy Maclary, etc.) Please encourage your child to bring in books by Lynley Dodd to share with their classmates!

Spelling, Phonics and Grammar

This week we have continued learning about nouns. We know that proper nouns need capital letters and common nouns don't! Our spelling focus has been on the long a sound made by 'ay' and 'a_e'. (ai as in play, a_e as in came).


We have continued reviewing the letter formation that was covered in Prep 2.


This week, we spent more time reinforcing our concept of number bonds.

With the help of manipulatives, online games and several sessions of Mental Math, we practised identifying relationships between numbers. It helped to remember that the total number of items is always the whole, and to see how the items can be separated into two groups - its parts.

We will constantly be revisiting and using our knowledge of number bonds in subsequent Mathematics topics, such as Addition and Subtraction. It will be a useful skill to have as we further develop our number sense to be able to recognise quickly, how numbers are related.

Returning after the Chinese New Year break, we'll begin Chapter 3: Addition within 10 and learn several different strategies to add numbers.

Virtues Corner

Grade Ones have been practicing their virtue of Courtesy. this week. After Chinese New Year, we will be learning about the virtue of Kindness. It will also be Kindness Week.

You are showing courtesy when you:

*Remember to treat elders, parents, teachers and children politely.

*Eat, speak and move graciously.

*Great people with smile.

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