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Greetings Kinder Parents

The Kindergarteners had blast on their first field trip. They learned about pumpkins and apples life cycle, fed farm animals, picked pumpkins, and enjoyed a nice hayride.

In addition to that exciting trip, they learned about Christopher Columbus, the reasons for the four seasons, and continued to add and expand their literacy and math knowledge with more letters, sight words, and numbers.

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What We've Learned This Week

Language Arts

1. Letters C, K & E

  • Phonics: We focused on sounding the letters C,K ,and E through repetition and showing pictures of words that begin with the letters C,K,E.

2. Dictionary Words

  • They colored, cut, and pasted pictures of words with initial C, K, and E. Then they organized them alphabetically on their dictionary notebooks. Next week, we will vote on a flag for our class.

3. Sight Words

  • (I, can, my, is): They colored a “My name is Sam” sight words book and wrote the sentences on their writing journals.

4. Vocabulary

  • They inferred the following words meaning from the context of story read to them (explorer, voyage, compass, weaver)


1. Numbers 21-30

  • They wrote numbers 21-30 on their math journal
  • They decomposed numbers 21-30 using counters (ones & tens counters).

2. Decomposing numbers 1-10

  • They decomposed numbers using counters.

Social Studies

Christopher Columbus

  • The students learned about Christopher Columbus’s early life and voyage across the Atlantic from Young Christopher Columbus: Discoverer of the New Worlds by Eric Carpenter.

  • They recalled the historical facts from he story such as his native country, the name of the ships he led, his intended destination, and his actual destination among other facts.

  • They memorized the beginning of Columbus’s Poem (in 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue)


The Four Seasons

  • They listened to The Reasons for Seasons by Gail Gibbons and Sunshine Makes the Seasons by Franklyn Mansfield.

  • They made the Earth, sun, and moon using Styrofoam balls and paint.


Fine Motor Skills

They Practiced writing uppercase and lowercase C,K, and E on their writing journals and on their Zaner Bloser Handwriting book.

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Questions to Ask your Child

Language Arts

· What does the letter C make?

· What does the letter K make?

· Name some of the words that begin with the letter C, K, or E

· What rhymes with two, crew, rain, and quite (from Christopher Columbus Poem)?


· How many tens and ones are in numbers 22, 13, 16, 30?

Social Studies

· Where is Christopher Columbus from?

· Who gave Christopher Columbus the ships?

· Where did he want to go?

· Where did actually go?

· Did he reach America?


· Why do we have different seasons?

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  1. Book Fair is October 13th-October 16th

  • The book fair is from 4PM-6PM

2. Please return the Fall Bash Monster Mash T-shirt form by Tuesday

3. If you want your child to do the vision-screening test, please return the form by October 23rd.

Happy Birthday Kendall

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Happy Birthday Nika

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