4th Quarter Dystopian Unit

by: Caroline, Faith, Lauren, and Kacy


*In Divergent and Allegiant people were forced to wear clothes based on their jobs and factions.

*In Harrison Bergeron the government made it so everybody has equal intelligence and strength. The government wanted everyone to be safe from one another.So they made everyone equal. They felt the need to protect so they made very strict rules.

*In the Book Thief the people got more freedom if they were higher up in the government

*In the Hunger Games the government (Capitol) had complete control. They made all the rules and decided what profession your district did. They made people do certain things. The districts had no control.


*In The Book Thief the main character, Leisel, speaks English, but her step parents speak both English and German and they use German when they are mad or insulting someone

*In Harrison Bergeron he used strong words to get in control. He had a certain tone of voice that let him get into control. If he talked softly he wouldn’t have any control.


*In the Harrison Bergeron story the citizens do not have a freedom of their minds because the government wants everyone to be exactly the same, and not have anyone smarter than anyone else or better than anyone in anything.

*This story reminds me of the revolutionary war because of the high taxes and the government ruling all of the americans choices even though they lived far away.