North Carolina

By: Alexandria Athey

Who was the starter of North Carolina colony?

The Virginians were the starters of North Carolina

What was the region of the North Carolina colony?

It was on the East Coast or Southeast

When did North Carolina become a state?

North Carolina became a state on November 21,1789

What is North Carolina's capital?

North Carolina's capital is Raleigh

latitude-35 degrees north

longitude-78 degrees west

What is North Carolina's climate?

The climate is humid and subtropical

The average winter temperature is 42 degrees F and 2 degrees C

The average rainfall is 45 inches in a year

The average snowfall is never more than 16 inches

The average summer high is 85 degrees and the low is 63 degrees

What is North Carolina's economy?

North Carolina's economy is tobacco, cotton, corn, vegetables,grain, fruit and livestock

Famous people or leaders in the colony

Giovanni da Verrazzano explored North Carolina for France

Sir John Yeamans established the second permanent settlement

How did the North Carolina colony get it's name?

The name Carolina is derived from the Latin name Carolus translated to Charles

Named in honor of Charles IX of France

What is the main reason people settled in the colony?

The settled their because of agriclture

Why the colony want to live their?

They went to live their because of religious freedom and fertile land

Why would the colony not want live their?

Because it could be to hot for them

What was the main religion for the colony?

The main religion was Anglican religion

What was the main Indian tribe in North Carolina .

The Cherokee Indians

Fun facts

In 1729 the North Carolina colony became a royal English colony

In 1653 Nathainel Batts was the first permanent settler

North Carolina was a southern colony and the southern colony's had the largest slave population

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